Here at Giant Monkey Robot (GMR), we believe that a project can only succeed if the team behind it believes in what they are doing and is totally passionate about it. We also believe that passion can be fueled by a sense of belonging and ownership. This is why we value the opinions, ideas, feedback, and critiques from everyone at GMR.
  • We strive for QUALITY: In a competitive work, we want to stand out for the right reasons, and quality in our products is the most important one.
  • We value BALANCE: Because we all have our lives outside of work, we value our employees personal time, and aim to have a good work-life balance.
  • We love FUN: Our goal is to have fun working, and thus, look for fun projects to develop.
The main objective of the libGDX developer is to design, implement, maintain and optimize code that uses the libGDX framework. The libGDX developer will have the great opportunity to participate in videogame projects using the libGDX framework. Read more.
The main objective of the Backend developer is to design, implement, maintain, fix and optimize code and backend systems coded by either the PHP or JS languages. Read more.
The main objective of the C++ developer is to design, implement, maintain and optimize code in native language. The C++ developer will have the great opportunity to participate in projects such as videogames developed using Unreal Engine or other C++ based frameworks. Read more.
The main objective of the Network Operations Developer, is to implement, maintain and perform continuous optimizations of the infrastructure required to support high demand live videogame projects. The NetOps Developer supports the production development teams on leveraging the resources of the server infrastructure for each project. This infrastructure is cloud hosted by world-class partners, such as AWS. Read more.
QA Lead
The main goal of our QA Lead is to coordinate all the QA and testing process of our games. The QA Lead is in charge of our external testing and is the person in charge of creating, updating and validating all the project’s test plans to make sure our end users can get a flawless experience. Our QA Lead is in close communication with the the dev team to understand the the game inside-out to make sure we can catch any possible errors as soon as possible. Read more.
Expected ability of our animators is to be able to produce pieces of animation that convey a sense of believable movement and match the overall animation style of current projects as well as proposing new ideas for new games. With a good sense of weight, physical acting and timing, with the versatility to make changes on the run and deliver on time. Our animators are expected to have good communication skills and be able to work in a team, receiving and giving feedback on necessary adjustments to characters or props for animation within the art department, and communicating with team leaders of related areas to resolve issues and design the necessary animation assets. Read more.
As a UI/UX Designer you will use your expertise to create outstanding interfaces and intuitive high quality experiences on multiple mobile platforms. The UI/UX Designer should know every aspect of the game to be able to propose the best solutions to ensure the best gaming experience. The UI/UX Designer also should be very skilled with different visual UI styles, animations and VFX to easily propose or match an already existing style, to ensure the best quality possible. Read more.
The main objective of our Game Data Analyst is to be the main point of contact between the development team and the product's telemetry. The GDA is the one who knows all the events in the game and to whom the rest of the team should reach to in case of any issue that can be addressed through data analysis. The GDA has high analytical skills and manages the statistics and KPI's that are relevant to the successful development of the project, both reactive and proactively. Read more.